Game Type 11 aside
Skill Level Amateur
Gender Male and female
Format Round robin and knockout
No. of round-robin 1 round robin
Game Duration 6 Minutes
Participating Player 32 players
Age Eligibility 13 Above
Registration Fee $10 fee
Per Match Fee $0.00
Deposit Fee $0.00
Registration Closing Date 15 May 2020

How To?

Fifa does not currently support cross platform matchmaking. All competitors will be required to use a PS4.

Tournament Registration:
Players will have to register and provide the following details:
1.   Name
2.   Game Name (will be displayed on schedules and all promotional material)
3.   Age
4.   Phone number (including country code)
5.   Location/region (for match scheduling and time differences)
6.   PSN_ID
7.   Photo that will be seen on the live stream (min 400px X 400px)
8.   Short bio (for casters to touch on during the game)
9.   Fifa milestones (for casters to introduce the players)

1.   Tournament will consist of 32 players in a knockout structure.
2.   Match duration of 12 mins (6 min per half).
3.   The player who plays ' home ' is responsible for starting a match.
4.   Both opponents are responsible for contacting each other and playing the game.
5.   If both players are ready and started the game it is not allowed to hold extra breaks that are not allowed in game.
6.  Each team is required to take a video capture of the game. This video is used to verify the score and showcase on the livestream. The video should be captured from the very beginning (starting tactics) to the very end (final game time score).
7.   Game schedules will be published on the WhatsApp group chat and in the Footsy App. All players are responsible to be online 10 mins before their game to receive instructions from the tournament admin and to set up the game.
8.   Players are allowed to pick club and national teams.
9.   Players are allowed to change teams during the tournament.
10.   Both players need to report the scores within five minutes after the end of the match.
11.   Both players will have to follow up with the tournament admins on sharing the video of the game played in order to verify the score.
12.   All participants in Pro Player tournaments must treat each other and the organization respectfully.

1.   General:
Settings: Standard settings
Match durance: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
Game speed: Normal
Level: Legendary
2.   All matches should be played by a ┬┤Friendly Match┬┤.
3.   All matches have to be played with the online squads.
4.   Only tactical defense is allowed.
5.   When the connection is lost, the match will be resumed at the remaining time and the current score.

Recording gameplay:
1.   Do not record mic.
2.   Set recording video length to 30mins

Sharing recorded video clip:
1.   Upload to your YouTube account then download the mp4.
2.   Send the mp4 File to the tournament admin

1.   Go to the url ____ and sign up.
2.   Wait for confirmation of registration. (You will be notified by an admin via WhatsApp).
3.   You will be added to the tournament WhatsApp Group with all the other competitors

1.   Once the schedule and draw has been made, it will be published on the WhatsApp group and published in the news section of the Footsy App.
2.   All updates of scores will be published on the Footsy App.
3.   Games will be played between 8pm to 10pm local time. Take note of the specific game time in the schedule.
4.   Be online and ready to communicate with your opponent and the tournament admins 10mins before your game.
5.   You will be reminded by tournament admins of your game time.
6.   Get your system ready for video recording.

Playing the match
1.   Home player will be responsible to add opponent as a friend and invite him to the game.
2.   Once the game has been set, start recording the match.
3.   Ensure that game settings are as per stated in the tournament rules.
4.   Only stop recording once the game has finished and the screen of the final score is shown.

Updating the score
1.   Both players are to immediately take a picture of the final score which includes the timestamp and send it to the tournament admin once the match is completed.
2.   Take note this is to give the admin a heads up that the game is completed but this does not ensure that the score is verified.
3.   Both players will then have to follow the tutorial and share the clip of the game with the tournament admin. Once the video clip is sent, the score will be verified and considered official.